Thursday, January 23, 2014


Aku unggas
ingin lepas bebas
dari sangkar emas
yang melemas.
Sayapku lelas
nafasku jejas
jika kau belas
bebaskan lekas.



  1. Poetic and artistic you are indeed. I was first attracted by your name and Raub. A very old office colleague is named like you with miLIa, and my other half has a root in Dong.

    1. You think so? I am just started to learn how to be poetic. I have these voices in my head keep telling me write poetry, write poetry. And here I am.

      I have so many relatives scattered around Raub but only the generation before me ( my mom, aunt and what not) knows them better. I was born in Kg Sega not far from Raub.

      Thanks for reading! Really appreciate it.